Swivelling Lighting Rack


Product Features :

  • Swiveling Lighting Rack is constructed by three major parts:

    Double Circle lighting Racks

    Controllable Swiveling system

    Positional control Lifting system

  • Completely

    self containedenclosure positional control Lifting system with limit switches is easy for maintenance.

  • Memorized Positioning Control memorizes and recalls the position of the swiveling lighting racks and records the information into a preset.
  • Swiveling Angle has up to ±180° and vertical movement is 6m
  • Lifting system accompanies with directing pulleys for positioning and to minimize the swinging while lifting.
  • Lighting Racks has different sockets for fixture operation like power socket, network sockets, DMX sockets and etc.


Safety & Standard Features

  • Rotation angle limit switch for Swiveling system
  • Top & Bottom Travel Limit Switches
  • Safety system for no-load and overload
  • Gear boxwith self-locking feature


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