Swivelling Hoist


Product Features :

  • Swiveling Hoist is able to move vertically, horizontally and rotate at the same time.
  • Swiveling Hoist uses specific motor and gear system to achieve ±180° rotation.
  • Located at the top and completely

    self containedenclosure for rotation and Lifting system is easy for maintenance.

  • Memorized Positioning Control memorizes and recalls the position of the swiveling hoist and records the information into a preset.
  • Swiveling Hoist has specific design cable crossing and different sockets for fixture operation like power socket, network sockets, DMX sockets and etc.

Safety & Standard Features

  • Safety system for no-load and overload
  • Top & Bottom Travel Limit Switch
  • Rotation angle limit switch for Swiveling System
  • Real timerecord and control the operation of the Swiveling Hoist
  • Emergency cut off power supply for Swiveling Hoist and lighting fixtures


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