Profile LED 300W Hyperion

Profile LED 300W Hyperion


Categories: Lighting Fixtures / LED

Available in Warm White, Cold White, Neutral White, Tuneable White and 6 Colour.

Lenses available in 15-30 and 25-50

TECHNICAL FEATURES1. Electrically adjustable fan speed2. High performance heat pipe cooling system3. Colour filter frame holder4. Clutch locking system fork5. Adjustable fork for correct balancing of the headlight6. PO version on request with pole control 3 ways for pan and tilt movement and focus adjustment7. ARC version on request, DMX motorization 3 ways for pan and tilt movement and focus adjustmentFUNCTIONAL FEATURES1. LED temperature control and management system for best-range working maintenance2. Constant Color temperature during dimming3. Silent mode option4. Intensity adjustment from 0 to full by pre-set dimmer curves5. 5. Flicker free with PWM adjustable frequency for use in telecamera presence6. Frequency adjustable strobe function7. Functions feedback remote control (DMX-RDM)8. Control modality of 8/16 bit on all channels9. High performance heat pipe cooling system