Training & Tips

Training & Tips

Helping you get the most out of your gear


The Impressively Powerful NANLINK App Is Here

The ultimate goal is to give users the best light-controlling experience via intuitive operations.

Forza 60 | Projection Attachment

Nanlite now enhances our Forza 60/60B by developing a set of brand new projection attachments!

Introducing the new Dyno 650C & 1200C RGBWW Softlights from NANLUX

The all new full colour RGBW LED softlight solutions.

Nanlite PavoTube II X | Hands-on Review

Hands on review by the experts

Helios RGB 700 Features

Inspired by our award-winning bi-color Helios Series, the Helios RGB 700 embodies our vision for the future of LED Spacelights.

Kupo Drop Ceiling Adapter with 5/8" Stud (Scissor Clamp)

This adapter is a favorite for trying to find a suitable mounting point on drop ceilings.


Helping you get the best out of your new gear


Dyno Accessories Installation Instruction

All of the accessories and how to

Film Gear RGB Soft Panel Walk Through

A closer look at the functions and features

myMIX™ App

Rosco's Award winning myMIX App offers many options in creating the perfect colour for your shot. Colour Mode allows you to fing the exact colour you are looking for.

myMIX™ App - App colour mode

A brief look into how to on the myMIX™ App