About Us

Our History

Founded in the late 1970s by John Harrison, Movievision has grown under his leadership from a consumable sales company into a South African leader in the distribution of quality and reliable television, theatre, studio and film lighting equipment.

Movievision is at the forefront of the LED lighting revolution in South Africa. We supply ground-breaking brands such as DMG Lumiere, Rosco, Spotlight and Filmgear to the local market. We have handpicked the brands we work with for superior quality and dedication to innovation.

One of our biggest projects to date was supplying and installing the lighting grid, curtain rails and tracks, curtaining, a full complement of LED studio lighting, and the lighting control for six studios at SkyRink Studios. These studios include LED lighting from Spotlight and Filmgear, lighting control from Chamsys, grips from Kupo, integrated network solutions from Artistic Licence and curtaining, rails and tracks from Rosco. Skyrink Studios are proud to boast to be the first completely LED lit facility in South Africa.

We have also supplied and installed LED lighting for Cheeky Media in Steyn City and the new revamped MNET Studios as well as full studio equipment into South Africa’s smallest and largest rental companies, public and private broadcast studios around the country as well as in Mozambique Television News, Angola Television, Nigeria, and Swaziland. We were extremely proud a few years ago to be awarded the CNBC contract for not only the largest and the first “Cold/Fluorescent” Lighting studio in Gauteng, but also for the subsequent satellite studios across the country.

What we do at Movievision

Lighting Design