A News Desk Lighting Solution Every Anchor Will Sign Off On

 In Movievision, Rosco

“Several years ago, I was asked to design the lighting for the much-anticipated renewal of Canada’s leading sports channel.” Says Adrian Goldberg, one of Canada’s most accomplished television lighting designers.

“Early on in the design process, I was cornered by one of the producers and the senior director and told “don’t forget the lights in the desk!” ESPN had apparently installed some Par 20’s in their new desk, and now we were expected to do the same. I discovered, however, during a site visit to the ESPN studio in Connecticut that the embedded desk lights were turned off almost as fast as they had been turned on. It turns out that the sportscasters did not care for the hot lights beaming up at them from the centre of their desk and began surreptitiously moving their script into a perfect “flag” position and undoing any good the light may have done.

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