Filmgear LED Mini Panel – their smallest fixture yet!

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Filmgear has debuted their smallest fixture yet: THE BI-COLOR MINI PANEL

This 8w fixture is proof that dynamite comes in small packages – the size of a cellphone to be precise (121.3×66.3×10.5mm) and weighs just 150 grams.

This little powerhouse has an output of 185 lux at 1m on 6000K and 164 lux at 1m on 3000K. Its luminance is from 50 to 578 lumens.

The unit is dimmable from 100% down to 5% and is rated at CRI 95. This is also incredibly quick charging via a Type C USB. It is fully charged in just three hours. You will get one hour of output if run at 100%, but 17 hours if run at 5%.

The kit comes with a .5m USB cable, and a Hot Shoe Adaptor all kept in the mini panel pouch. You will also be able to get a mini panel softbox, flexible arm, mini panel clamp and a 1.2m USB cable as optional accessories.



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