New Pavolites are now available

 In Movievision

The  PAVOLITE RGBW LEDs are available in either 2-foot or 4-foot versions, with the 4-foot versions having an AC power variant for more studio oriented applications, and a built-in battery version for location shoots. The 2-foot is battery powered as well.

The PAVOLITEs boast a CRI of 95 and a full RGB spectrum with user adjustable 2700-6500K for maximum versatility.

These lights also offer six pre-programmed special effects such as Cop Car, Flame (candlelight), Lightning Storm, an SOS signal, and two different types of continuous Flicker/Flash. Each of the special effects has a number of different settings to help you refine it displayed on the easy to read LCD display panel.

You also get a built-in 2.4G radio control and master/slave functions, which also makes it easy to synchronise multiple lights – just gang them up using the included master/slave cable to create a powerful array of lights for synchronized effects.


36000 Colours

Large Capacity Lithium Battery

CRI 95

App Remote Control

8K Shooting

Saturation Adjustment

Scene Simulation

Lightweight and Portable

From 2700K to 6500K

Soft Lighting

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