Filmgear Helios wins big at NAB

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The new Filmgear Helios LED Space Light Series has been causing quite a stir at the recent NAB trade show in Las Vegas.

Touted as the brightest, and the most colour temperature accurate LED Bi-Colour Space Light on the market, the 700W and 1000W fixtures were awarded “PRODUCT of the YEAR” for Lighting Gear at NAB.

Helios is the new trusted LED space light of choice that has been selected and tested on set by industry pros, illuminating the sets of shows such as Future ManSanta Clarita DietSneaky PeteS.W.A.T.A Typical and many more. The new line of LED space lights redefines stage lighting. For the first time ever, the ability to colour adjust from 2700°K – 6000°K without losing the intensity is a reality with the Helios H1000!

When set to full 2700°K or 6000°K you will get the true amount of output claimed by most of our competitors When adjusting the LED units in-between those colour temperatures the output is reduced to half because the current LED lights on the market split the amount of LED nodes decreasing the intensity of light when adjusting between 2700°K – 6000°K.

With Filmgear’s new state of the art LED technology and engineering, the need for a fixture to split the LED nodes is non-existent in the H1000 unit. How so? Filmgear engineers have placed two sets of 1,000W COB LEDs. COB LEDs have the great advantage of thermal resistance, a larger cooling area, a better lighting effect and higher light efficiency. This allows for the H1000 to truly offer the filmmaker an output equivalent to a traditional 6K space light at all colour temperatures at all times from 2700°K – 6000°K.

The H1000 is identical in colour rendition with virtually identical optics to traditional 6K incandescent space lights but consumes 80% less power. The H1000 provides approximately the same maximum output as a 6000W space-light fixture, but it only draws a maximum of 950W. The fixture’s output can be dimmed from 100% brightness to 0% without flicker at normal frame rates. The H1000 LED is designed to hang from a grid, however, an optional yoke can be fitted to allow the fixture to be used as a Skypan or a Briese light giving you a nice large round light source.

Movievision is proud to be the official distributor of Filmgear fixtures to the South African film and television industry.


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