DMG Lumière MIX® Inspires “The Producer”

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Filmmakers often select their gear based upon the needs of their projects. Rarely, however, do they select their projects based upon inspiration from their gear. This was, however, the case for Commercial Director Philip Roberts and Director of Photography Tanner Short. The two Louisiana filmmakers recently released “The Producer” – a short film that was inspired by Tanner’s DMG Lumière SL1 MIX LED fixture.

The project began when Phil wanted to shoot something in the warehouse that’s connected to his office at the ad agency ThreeSixtyEight. At that point, all he knew was that he wanted to shoot a kidnapping/interrogation scene that involved a cool car and an 80s vibe. Although he works in advertising, he had hoped this would be a welcome departure from that world. During the scriptwriting phase, he and Tanner hit a wall, and they didn’t know how to finish the story. That’s where the SL1 MIX came into play.

“During one of our writing sessions, I thought, ‘what if we use the cop light feature on Tanner’s SL1 to make the victim feel like they’re being rescued? Then we can tie in DMG and run with it from there,’” said Phil. So that’s what they did. They broke the fourth wall by showing the SL1 MIX and one of its pre-programmed features. “From there, we took a step back to look at the entire film from a different perspective, and we rewrote it to be a MIX spec ad,” said Phil.

While filming, Tanner and his crew noted that the SL1 MIX was their most versatile light fixture and therefore played multiple roles on set. Tanner was shooting on an anamorphic lens with a very wide angle of view, so it was important to be able to set the lights without any stands making it into the frame. “The form factor, weight, and modularity of the SL1 MIX allowed us to easily change the type of mount we had on the light and fly it overhead without getting in our frame,” said Tanner. “It was the ability to quickly modify the SLI MIX for different lighting setups that saved us a lot of time and frustration. We felt as though the SL1 MIX had chameleon-like qualities, allowing us to be assured that if we needed it to assist the other lights on set it could quickly adapt and match other sources.”

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