Revolutionise your work flow with the MyMIX App from DMG

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One of the stand out features of the DMG MIX fixtures is the myMIX App which allows filmmakers to easily control their MIX LED fixtures from their mobile device.

This will revolutionise how you work on set. Whether you’re mixing your own colours from scratch, or modifying a Rosco gel colour you’ve chosen – you can mix the colour you need using the myMIX App. From there, you can save those colours into your own personal library of colours in the cloud to call up whenever you need them in the future.

You can also share your personal colour mixes with any friend or crew member that also has the myMIX App. This is a great way for cinematographers to share colours with the 2nd unit or for gaffers to communicate colour choices with their set lighting technicians.

Have you ever seen a colour in the real world or on a location scout and wanted to recreate that colour as light on set? The myMIX App allows you to capture that colour and then send it to your MIX LED lights. If the colour isn’t quite right, just like any other MIX colour, you can adjust the hue, intensity, and saturation of your captured colour until it’s exactly what you need – then save it to your library.

LED technology changes quickly and MIX will be no exception. More colour temperatures, hues and Rosco gel colours will be continually added to the onboard library of MIX presets. Technicians will easily be able to update the firmware of their MIX LED light using the myMIX App.


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