Introducing Hyperion, the new 6-colour 300W Fresnel LED from Spotlight

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Spotlight launched their highly anticipated new fixture at Prolight and Sound in Frankfurt. The new projector is the first of a new series and Prolight + Sound was the perfect event to give deserved visibility to a product destined to be a great success.

“The market has been asking us for a long time to change the housing of our headlights: our new projector is a 300W to 6 colour Fresnel LED with a new housing, rounder than the more squared shape that has always distinguished the Spotlight headlights” commented Davide Muzio, marketing manager of the Milan based company. “We will continue the production of RGBW headlights, but the tendency will be to go towards 6 colours.”

Hyperion Fresnel LED 300W 6C; here’s what you need to know:

Why 6 colours? For three basic reasons:
– to have a wider choice of colour mixing and colour temperatures (from 2700 to 8000K)
– to reach an extra high colour rendering, from 94 to 97, depending on the colour temperature
– to obtain a more continuous spectrum in the visible field

What distinguishes it from the other projectors:
– Increased Fresnel lens for greater brightness 200 mm
– Extremely soft dimming even at low levels for theatrical use
– Flicker free for television and film applications
– Colour booster to improve single colour when not all the channels are at full
– Possibility to control the fan speed through a special channel
– Simplified access to internal electronics for faster maintenance
– Tungsten lamp emulation function through the “Amber shift” function
– Function for the simulation of the halogen lamp with a delay in the phases of switching on and off
– Also available in versions with pole or motorized control
– Compact size and extremely light (8.6 kg)


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